Parkinsong Grants 2022 now 2023

Due to the pandemic, the World Parkinson Congress had to be moved to 2023. Save the new dates!

Ich möchte mich sehr herzlich bei all den großzügigen Spendern bedanken. | Many thanks for your generous donations, and this is how we spend your money.

Gangway Travel Grant USD 600 for one journalist or blogger/YOPD

Gangway Grant

Sponsored by readers of
Gangway Cult-Mag

Walter Rathausky (€ 100) Christine Wöls (€ 50) Elisabeth Staudacher (€ 50) Sabine Sill (€ 50) Katharina Karmel (€ 50) Gabi Neugebauer (€ 50) Petra Ganglbauer (€ 100) Peter Trattner (€ 50)

Badhoven Travel Grant USD 600 for one musician/YOPD

Badhoven Grant

Sponsored by the musicians of

Kurt Christian (voice, guitar) Gerhard Paar (keys) Gerd Sojka (drums) Flo Verant (bass) Günter Schablas (guitar)

Brett Whiteley Travel Grant USD 600 for one artist/YOPD

Brett Whiteley Grant

Sponsored by
Gangan Verlag

Auctioned an original drawing of the artist to author Peter Giacomuzzi (€ 500). Made possible by Parkinsong in honor of Australian artist Brett Whiteley (1939 – 1992).

10 x Travel Grants USD 600 each for ten Junior Researcher/YOPD

Stefan Weber Grants

Sponsored by listeners of
Parkinson Blues

A tribute to the frontman of Viennese Punk Band “Drahdiwaberl”. Made possible by Parkinsong in honor of Stefan Weber (1947 – 2018).

Parkinsong vergibt 13 Reisestipendien zum WPC 2022 nach Barcelona im Wert von jeweils 600 USD (€ 500). Ansuchen Oktober/November:

Stand vom 12. Mai 2021

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