Stattegg ROCKS

February 27, 2021, Badhoven and Friends

Planned in 2020 as Live Rock Concert at the Lässerhof in Stattegg, Austria, this WPC Fund Raiser for Travel Grants to Barcelona had to be postponed for six months, thanks to the Coronavirus. By then the pandemic still wasn’t over. However, the artists were as keen to perform as I was, to make it happen now. The only way around the lockdown was by performing for an audience staying at home, watching us on their cell phones, tablets or big TV screens – in form of a Livestream.

I had never done a video stream before, so Graz Connected was invited to come on board. The collaboration with this experienced partner turned our streaming premiere into a very successful event, with 1,6 Thousand viewers, donating USD 6,000. In addition to the Brett Whiteley Grant, the Gangway Grant, and the Badhoven Grant, at USD 600 each, a total of USD 7,800 were raised this far, to send European YOPd and junior researchers on their way to the 6th WPC in 2023.

Music for Parkinson’s Research
Tribute to Stefan Weber (English Translation by Gerald Ganglbauer)

The Acts on video

The last song of the first act, “Not the River of Mercy”, is also sung by Norbert Wally together with Gerald Ganglbauer and The Base on the album “Parkinsong Duets”.

Norbert Wally of “The Base” opens the show
Jörg Veselka and Martin Schreiber as the second act
STATTEGG ROCKS for Parkinson’s research: Main Act “Badhoven”

The first song of the main act, “How Will It Be”, was recorded by Badhoven together with Gerald Ganglbauer on the album “Parkinsong Duets”.

Thanks to: Norbert Wally (The Base), Jörg Veselka (Singer/Songwriter) feat. Martin Schreiber (Electric guitar), Kurt Christian, Flo Verant, Gerd Sojka, Gerhard Paar, Günter Schablas (Badhoven), Peter Droneberger (Sound), Valentin Hasebe (Stage), Katharina Krachler (Light), Max Vegerer (Video), Heidi Stampler (Catering), Tobias Träger (Technics) and Gerald Ganglbauer (Executive Producer) – and the invisible audience.

Local Media

Vojo Radkovic in the GRAZER, March 8, 2021
Nina Schemmerl in the WEEK, March 10, 2021

Everyone called it a MEGA concert

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It was fun. We all had a great time. Our mood was POSITIVE as we all tested NEGATIVE. Between acts, Peter Droneberger interviewed the artists, and I even performed Stefan Weber‘s “Parkinson Blues” together with Badhoven as a tribute to the Viennese rock legend and recited the English translation.

All up a two and a half hours showtime we will not forget.